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Mandarinclick's Volunteer Program Report 2




On June 9, Mandarinclick organized a charity trip to an orphanage located at Chang Ping, Beijing. We took three volunteers this time: Kayle and Marlene from the USA and Nicolas from France. These heroes have sacrificed their free afternoon to make the kids in Angel Home happy!

As this was our third visit, the children were less shy than the previous times. As volunteer program manager Terri reported: “A 2-year-old girl came to Nicolas asked him to lift her. When he tried to put her down on the ground, the girl suddenly started to cry. ‘She loves handsome boys!’ the staff of orphanage joked. Furthermore, there was another young girl hold my hand and whispered to me in secret: ‘I know they are foreigners! What are their names?‘ My heart was melting like a chocolate at that moment.” 


We are proud to organize this kind of events, and we hope that you will join us next time!


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