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China Foreigner of 2015 Competition




Are you an excellent student, an innovating entrepreneur, a dedicated volunteer or do you have any other contributions to Chinese society? Subscribe for the competition: China Foreigner of 2015” and win awesome prizes! The winner is decided based upon Wechat Votes. Hosted by Mandarinclick, the contest will be promoted on the main media channels in China: Chinadaily, Xinhuanet, Ifeng, Global Times,BTV, Sina, Sohu, Youku,and Tencent. Overseas supporting media include Youtube, Instragram, Facebook, and Discovery Channel. Send a short self introduction and your picture to
Video code
Please upload your video to a Chinese website like Youku, Tudou etc., and fill video code in th blank.
For videos submitted to other websites, please send us the links.
Please send us an email if you have any question.
You can upload a picture as the cover of your video.